• An alternative asset management firm, wholly owned by partners active in the business
  • Founded in April 2006
  • One strategy: fundamental equity long/short with low net market exposure
  • Offered through Cayman-based Funds
  • Authorised and regulated by the FCA, and registered with the SEC

Investment Philosophy

Markets and share prices are driven by human actions and will therefore, from time to time, deviate from ‘fair value’. We believe that independent thinkers with good judgement can use fundamental analysis to look through these distortions, and identify opportunities to make money. Positive returns can be achieved irrespective of market direction, and ‘short alpha’ can be generated by the contrarian who is prepared to be early and patient.

Investment Objective

To perform well in all market conditions, targeting attractive risk-adjusted returns with medium volatility and a low correlation to equity markets.

Investment style / approach

  • Fundamental, research-driven investment in UK listed equities
  • Long and short books constructed from the bottom-up, to achieve high ‘unique’ risk content with limited market risk
  • Long-term investment horizon, complemented with the exploitation of short-term trading opportunities
  • Rigorous risk controls to limit drawdowns

Investment Team

Charles Curtis

Charles Curtis is a founding partner and CEO of CZ Capital LLP.

Prior to this he was a Managing Director and senior portfolio manager at DB Absolute Return Strategies: London. Before starting DB Equilibria UK, he was responsible for the management of UK Performance Funds and Unit Trusts, including the top performing Deutsche UK Growth Trust, and was chairman of Deutsche Asset Management’s UK Investment Committee.

In 1991, Charles joined Deutsche Asset Management from Mercury Asset Management.

In 1985, Charles obtained his BA in English at Manchester College, Oxford.

Steven Evans

Steven Evans is a fund manager and founding partner of CZ Capital LLP.

Prior to this he was a Managing Director and senior portfolio manager at Deutsche Asset Management for 14 years.

During his time at Deutsche, Steven managed up to £2.5bn of UK equities, achieving top-decile performance over 12 years and outperforming his benchmark in 10 of these years.

In 1988 Steven graduated from Exeter University with a Masters in Finance and Investment.

William Rushmer, CFA

William Rushmer is a fund manager and partner of CZ Capital LLP.

Prior to this he was a portfolio manager at DB Absolute Return Strategies. Before joining the absolute return team William was an analyst for the Deutsche Asset Management UK equities team, specialising in the financials sector.

In 2003 William graduated with a First Class degree in Economics from the University of Warwick, achieving the highest mark in his year for his dissertation on arbitrage pricing theory.

Operational Team

Owain Lewis

Owain Lewis is CFO of CZ Capital LLP.

He is a Chartered Management Accountant, with many years’ experience of accountancy in Asset Management, Investment Banking and Hedge Funds..

In March 2008 Owain became a founding Partner of Samena Capital Management LLP, putting in place and running the Trading, Finance, Operations and Compliance infrastructure. Prior to this he was CFO/COO at Invicta Investment Management LLP.

He began his industry career at HSBC Investment Bank before moving to UBS as a Equity Business Unit Controller.

In 2000, Owain graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a BA (Hons) in Financial Services.

Matthew Wright

Matt Wright is a Partner and Operations Manager of CZ Capital LLP.

Prior to joining CZ, Matt worked for JPMorgan Hedge Fund Services in the new client on-boarding team. Prior to this he worked for Henderson Global Investors, as a Business Analyst in the IT department before joining the Hedge Fund Administration team.

After leaving university Matt joined Tradar Ltd, working on all aspects of their Hedge Fund software offering.

In 2001, Matt graduated from Bournemouth University with a BA (Hons) in Marketing.

Antonia Brooks

Antonia is responsible for CZ Capital’s investor relations .

Antonia was at Deutsche Asset Management with Charles and Steven but more recently has been working outside the financial sector.

While at Deutsche, in addition to managing Institutional global fixed income portfolios and emerging market debt funds, Antonia was responsible for marketing MGAM products to Australasia raising substantial assets for both equity and bond mandates.

Antonia joined Morgan Grenfell Asset Management’s Fixed Income team in 1989 having graduated from Durham University with a BA (Hons) in Economics.

Barry Graham

Barry joined CZ in August 2010 from Deutsche Bank (UK) PWM where he worked under the Head of Product Support to implement new products and fund launches.

Previously Barry worked for UISL, New Star Asset Management and BNP Paribas gaining experience across a wide range of the middle and back office environments.


CZ Capital

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